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"The human body has its musical scale, as a piano"
40, a neighbor of Reus, who was born in Colombia and Dutch nationality. I am a master's degree in Music Therapy,educated in France, Holland, Germany ... Along with my husband (Jürgen van Win), we considered Introducing the sonoterapia those in Spain. It serves patients at the clinic Fàbregues Reus
The music heals?
It helps to be better. Music and sonoterapia should not taken as substitutes for any treatment doctor, but contribute to improve the quality of life, to reduce pain and are a tool to combat anxiety, stress, depression or deficit attention.
What differentiates the music the sonoterapia?
The basic difference is that music therapy uses music, recorded or live as a tool to improve health and, instead, sonoterapia uses the sounds that can only be heard or heeded and implemented on the body through vibration produced by tuning forks.
Would it be as an acupuncture sound?
Exactly. The fingerboards are applied directly on the skin, in certain meridians of the body, and what we do Massage is a small cell. In Holland, for example, many physiotherapists using techniques sonoterapia because the results are achieved faster than doing a manual massage. So goes to the root of the problem.
Also with a contracture Muscle?
Yes, it also serves to problems physiological, such as osteoarthritis, and to bring cardiac rhythms and breathing. With the sonoterapia endorphins are produced, substances that inhibit the pain and produce feelings of well-being general.
Why sonoterapia cure?
Quantum physics says that matter and energy are interchangeable.Thus, if the area is vibration and vibration field is a state health can be defined as a set of frequencies that vibrate in harmony with a another and make a line of life perfect.
Are we, therefore, as an instrument musical?
Yes, the human body has its own musical scale, like a piano, and disease are as a desafinación. Each body has a certain vibration, its own frequency and whether it is alters, sick. What makes the return is the sonoterapia frequencies appropriate to restore the balance, entering contact with diseased cells. Seems to sorcery. It is not. In Holland there are doctors you derive towards music.And there are schools in the University of New York For over 40 years who taught studies of music therapy, and There are even operating rooms where Music is used as a sedative.
Vivaldi instead of anesthesia?
I do not know if Vivaldi, but without music doubt. In Holland know dentists who sleep in their mouths Patients using the tuning forks, and it works. But with anesthesia and fingerboards at once, or only with tuning forks? Only you can relax with fingerboards his mouth sufficient to not feel pain. Frequencies Sound entering us the body not only by the ear. Is a mistake to think that only we hear
by the ear. In fact, we heard by all the pores of the body because the sounds are also vibration. There seems no revelation, therefore, say that music alters us emotionally. Exactly, we all know that Vivaldi puts us all happy and We know some of your music we are saddened. Since ancient Many primitive peoples were a shaman and a healer of sounds. In ancient China, State even had tuner.
The tuner was so important that, every day, I had to control the instruments of the rule in pentatonic scales or modes. It was trying to keep the people in perfect harmony and balance to that the rule was not sinking. Are there composers treatment
more than others?
Mozart is one of the great musicoterapeutas of history. His Music is so perfect that all intervals relate with the techniques of music therapy. In the zoo of Amsterdam, the monkeys were putting them to music Mozart's clarinet to eat because they found that Mozart computers, disciplined. If Mozart orders, póngame An example of music that disorder.Clearly, the bakalao. Any healthy for music
vital organs?
The waltz is good for the heart. His pace-one, two, three, one two, Three-so calm, it puts in place.
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